Why Your Trees Need Regular Trimming

Ever wonder Why Your Trees Need to Be Trimmed Regularly?  Norwalk Tree Services LLC is ready to answer that question!  We do Tree Service in Norwalk to put value to the table, but this isn't about to be a sales pitch.  This is part of our Homeowner Resources Section dedicated to providing local residents of Norwalk with valuable information.

Just like regular maintenance to the other valuable things you own, caring for your trees needs to be a top priority if you want them to stay healthy.  You will reap the benefits for years to come.  When trees and hedges don’t get the proper attention they need, they are vulnerable to diseases, infestations and becoming victim to decay causes by fungi and other microbes.  Sometimes the damage can be as far reaching as also affecting your surrounding landscape.

There are some things to know about having your trees trimmed.  You only need to have them trimmed one or two times a year.

There are different dormant seasons for different trees.  Dormancy is a process that slows down everything within the life of the tree, resembling hibernation in animals.  It keeps the trees alive through the winter.  Trimming during the dormant season of the tree blocks illnesses that can expand if they come in contact with the exposed areas where the tree has been freshly cut.

Can Neglecting Maintenance Cause Harm?

If the care of your trees is ignored for a long period of time, you may have to deal with problems that come from neglect.  Preventing the problems from ever progressing to a huge undertaking, instead of a simple solution, will save you both money and extreme frustration.

Real Hazards

You might not normally think about it, but it is important to anticipate future issues with forgotten trees on your property.  Unattended to, dead branches can wreak havoc on your land and cause bodily injury.  The cost and frustration from the damage can be great.  The roof on your home can be spared, and you can save yourself from the regret of a storm breaking off a branch that lands on your car or worse.  Sparing your drains and gutters from clogging is another plus.

The Health of Your Trees

Keeping your trees in tip top shape is a manageable task when done regularly.  Catching disease early and removing it will save the rest of the tree from becoming affected by it.

The Overall Look

Regular maintenance on your trees helps in the growth and production of better flowers and fruits.  Not only will your trees yield better fruit and flowers, proper care of trees will give your property an overall nicer appearance.

Although trimming and pruning trees may seem like a job anyone can do, it can become very dangerous if approached with no knowledge.  Not only can a professional recognize the areas of the trees that need attention, they have also been trained to climb trees safely and trim safely.  Serious injuries and even death have happened many times to people that underestimated the task at hand.

An arborist can give you the correct information and recommendations for each of your own individual trees.  He can point out potential problem areas and branches and share his knowledge with expert advice.

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