Landscaping 7

Norwalk Tree Services LLC offers a wide range of hardscaping design and services for your home or business. From patios and walkways to retaining walls and steps, we can create a beautiful and functional outdoor space that will perfectly complement your property. We also offer a variety of services to keep your hardscaping in top condition, including regular maintenance and repairs. At Norwalk Tree Services LLC, we can truly make your backyard or front lawn look amazing.

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Paver Patios, Walks, Driveways and Fire Pits

Paver patios, walks, driveways and fire pits are all popular home improvements. They add beauty, functionality and value to your home. At Norwalk Tree Services LLC, we specialize in creating beautiful and functional paver projects for homeowners like you. We would love to help you create the perfect patio, walkway, driveway or fire pit for your home.

Flagstone Patios, Stepping Stones and Walks

Creating flagstone patios, stepping stones, and walks uses a variety of natural or carved stones that is very popular for residential landscaping. A flagstone patio, stepping stone, or walks can be used to create beautiful and durable patios, paths, and other features in your yard. At our landscape design company, we specialize in creating stunning landscapes using flagstone patio designs.

Boulder/Retaining Walls

Retaining walls are a great way to improve your home’s appearance while also adding some much needed stability for raised flower beds or any kind of layered garden. We have a variety of wall types and colors to choose from which includes boulders and other large rocks, so we're sure we can find the perfect solution for any home. Additionally, our team is experienced in working with both natural stone and concrete, so our customers can be sure that their wall will be both beautiful and durable.


Adding a staircase on the front lawn or backyard will definitely improve the aesthetics of any home. At Norwalk Tree Services LLC, we have experience in creating staircases that are both beautiful and functional. We can work with anyone's dream to create a unique design that perfectly suits their needs and budget.

Outdoor Kitchens

Nothing beats spending time outdoors cooking and enjoying the company of friends and family in the back backyard. We specialize in designing and installing beautiful outdoor kitchens for any home whether small or large. Our team of experts will work with you to create the perfect space for cooking and entertaining, using top-quality materials and appliances.


Designing buildings and structures for the front lawn and backyard can be time consuming. These small scale projects can range from sheds to gazebos. Having worked on a wide array of customized buildings and structures, we can guarantee that we can build anything depending on the needs of the homeowner.


The design of sidewalks affects more than just pedestrians. Homeowners who want to ensure their property values remain high should be aware of the impact that the design of sidewalks can have on their home's curb appeal. We make sure that our sidewalks are both pedestrian- and homeowner-friendly.

Ponds and Waterfalls

Adding some beauty and tranquility to a home is always a good thing. We love designing ponds and waterfalls that are both beautiful and functional. Whether you're looking to add some aesthetic value or simply want somewhere to relax and take in the nature around you, then a pond or waterfall is the perfect solution.


Whether you're looking for a place to cool off and relax in the summer heat, or an elegant addition to the landscaping that will add value to any home, swimming pools are a popular choice for homeowners. We design and build custom pools that reflect the unique needs and style of each homeowner.

Excavation and Waterproofing

When it comes to excavation and waterproofing, we are the company you can trust. Our team of professionals has years of experience in the field, so we know how to get the job done right. We offer a wide range of waterproofing services and excavation, so homeowners never have to worry about water damage or having to do the job themselves.

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