Why Should You Hire a Tree Service?

Why Should You Hire a Tree Service period?  You can cut down a tree yourself right...  it's not rocket science.  Our team of professionals at Norwalk Tree Service LLC know that there's a big difference between a pick up truck tree service and a Tree Service Company in Norwalk, CT.  There's a bigger difference in liability too, but we don't get into that right now.

Looking out your window, you soak in the rewards of a well-manicured lawn.  The hard work you’ve put into it have been worth it.  But then you notice your trees aren’t looking as good as they could, with overgrowth and a few dead branches.

Before you head to the shed for your gardening tools, you need to look at the benefits and wisdom of hiring a professional tree service to do the work for you.

Listed are three great reasons to leave your trees in the hands of a professional tree service.

Safety First

According to OSHA (Occupational, Safety and Health Administration), there are approximately one hundred deaths each year because of tree falls.

While safety to humans is the most important priority, tree trimming accidents can also cause a great deal of damage to your property, along with injuries or death to those attempting this task with no knowledge of proper procedures.

Hiring a professional tree service gives you the assurance of skilled crews that practice safety in all areas of tree trimming.

Proper Equipment and Skills

You may think that doing your tree work on your own will save you hassle and money, but poor tree work can cause more frustration that you anticipated.  Bad pruning can not only give your tree a less that desirable look upon completion but can also injure your tree in several ways.  Lesser stability, a greater amount of dead branches, weaker stems, and the overall health of the tree are included in what can happen to your trees when not handled correctly.

Not only is a professional tree service skilled in the right methods and techniques for each of your trees, they are also equipped with modern machinery to make the job more efficient than just owning a few yard tools.  Their tools and equipment are made specifically for the tasks at hand.

A Valuable Investment

When you allow a licensed arborist to assess your trees, he can give you knowledgeable recommendations for the needs on your property.  A professional tree service can perform all of your tree care needs.  Using separate companies for different tasks, such as relocating and removing trees, will raise your expenses.  Each crew will charge for their services, whereas using one company for all of your needs is much more cost efficient.  It also cuts down on the amount of time that a job will take, instead of needing to set up different dates for each procedure to be completed at separate times.

Not only does the tree service crew take care of the needs of the trees, they also handle the clean up and removal of trees and trimmings that were part of the job.  Their skills and know-how also ensure that your current problems will be completely taken care of, such as protruding roots, or left behind pieces of a tree trunk when you have a stump ground out.

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