How To Do Tree Trimming Right!

Norwalk Tree Services LLC is a locally owned and operated Tree Service in Norwalk, CT.  Part of growing up in a family of hard workers is learning the age old saying "If something is worth doing - it's worth doing right".  If you hire us for your tree trimming - we'll do it right.  If you don't, here's a quick article on How To Do Your Tree Trimming Right!

When you have put countless hours of hard work into your landscaping, you want to maintain its beauty.  The flourishing outdoors surrounding your home will bring you enjoyment for many months each year.  Some actions you take for maintaining the beauty are pruning, weeding the flower gardens, and trimming the trees.

Caring for your trees is important.  Using proper methods of trimming will give your trees their best look and longer life span.  When done improperly, you can leave lasting damage in both appearance and health.  Allowing a skilled tree professional to help will assure you of the work being done correctly, minimizing the worry of marring or damaging your trees.

Attempting to do your tree maintenance on your own is not as easy as just cutting off a limb here and there.  Pay attention to the potential issues you will face with poor trimming techniques.

Stolen Beauty

When you put so much time and care into your yard, the last thing you want to do is take away the beauty and strength of your trees.  Trimming leaves a lasting effect on your trees, whether the job was done well or poorly.  Having no knowledge of proper trimming can make you regret attempting to do the job on your own.  The desired look may not be the same as the end result if you don’t know what you are really doing.

One method that is still practiced today is called topping but should never be done to your trees.  Topping is the practice of trimming the entire crown of a tree back to a random height, bringing every branch to the same length. Not only is it unsightly, this method can kill many species of trees, and the trees that survive are much weaker long term.

Unknowingly, some who aren’t familiar with proper grooming of their trees will also trim too much, or randomly choose branches instead of making an educated decision.

Branches with Disease

Proper trimming will prevent the tree from being wounded unnecessarily.  A cut in the wood leaves the tree with an injury.  If there is an open wound, the tree has greater risk of infection.  Pests and fungi take advantage of the wound and take up residence in the tree.  Those infestations can infect the tree completely, even to the point of killing it.

Tree Weakening

While it may not always be visible at first, using wrong ideas for proper trimming can be detrimental to their life and health.  One issue a tree may encounter is sickness and infestation, as already mentioned.  Not so obvious problems happen by damage to the inside of the tree.  It can become weakened internally.  Infestations can kill the inner wood, making the tree less solid.  It then has the potential to become dangerous to the structures around it, and more importantly, to cause serious bodily harm, and even death, to humans.  Severe winds and storms can cause the tree to break and fall.

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